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I am a bioinformatician working on genomics and evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases. I am interested on using genomics and molecular epidemiology to understand how pathogens evolve and spread, and to use that information to control them and inform public health decisions.

Currently, I work on genomic epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 in Public Health Scotland. I use genomic data in order to help monitoring and control the spread of the virus and its variants across Scotland.

Previously, I worked in Prof Ross Fitzgerald’s Laboratory of Bacterial Evolution and Pathogenesis (LBEP) at The Roslin Institute (University of Edinburgh). I was part of a project that applied evolutionary genomic analyses in order to understand Staphylococcus aureus host adaptation and thus combat the infectious diseases caused by this pathogen in both humans and livestock.

Before then, I worked in Prof Andrew Leigh Brown’s group in the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (University of Edinburgh), in which I worked on HIV molecular phylodynamics, in particular to  reconstruct the viral evolutionary history and geographic propagation as well as the transmission dynamics among populations.

I completed my PhD in 2012, in Dr África Holguín’s laboratory in the Ramón y Cajal Hospital (Madrid, Spain). My work was focused on the molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in Madrid and Spain, and also on reconstructing the viral transmission dynamics, especially focusing on lineages imported to Spain from sub-Saharan Africa.


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